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Why Two Brand Name Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Have Different Prices

In 2016, CVS Health is going to drop coverage of Viagra, the famous little blue pill that caused the rise a multi-billion dollar industry of drugs for erectile dysfunction. This seems to be creating a window for one of the most curious paradoxes of drug pricing ever. The thing is that CVS is now replacing […]

A New Look at Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The Difficulties of Hormonal Treatment for Men TRT has been used in traditional medicine for years. Low testosterone level (or testosterone deficiency) is a problem of millions of men and accompanies normal aging, as well as a range of diseases. Lack of this important hormone is associated with unpleasant physical conditions, including abdominal obesity, reduced […]

Do Blood Pressure Meds Affect Erections? My Canadian Pharmacy Answers

Research by My Canadian Pharmacy Team – High blood pressure and sex Hypertension is one of the main reasons for the deterioration of an erection. The problem is that the potency is affected directly by the increased pressure increased and by the drugs designed to reduce high blood pressure. Only modern drugs for treating […]

No Morning Wood – No Erection During Sex. Is That True?

Nowadays, men give much heed to their erection abilities. There is a poor and hazardous tendency, which only increases. Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and their number greatly grows from one year to another one. Erectile dysfunction is violated erection, when men cannot hold it for enough time or cannot experience it at […]

This is why choosing Generic Viagra at My Canadian Pharmacy is a no-brainer

My Canadian Pharmacy is the best place to choose generic Viagra for a wealth of reasons: it saves your time and money, as well as guarantees that the quality of the product you get raises no questions. A standout from the hordes of spammy eshops and scam pharmacies, My Canadian Pharmacy takes the path of […]

Hidden Risks of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Sold Online

Do you always feel safe buying erectile dysfunction treatments online? Why is it dangerous sometimes? Be aware of all risks! Buy safely! Modern world is full of wonders. Nanotechnologies make our life comfortable and easier. We can do different things quickly and without many efforts. Today we don’t have to stay in long queues, wait […]

My Canadian Pharmacy: The Unsurpassed Quality Meeting Unparalleled Customer Service

When you buy medications online you cannot be sure the quality is there in roughly 8 cases out of 10. The advent of the web and the increase in popularity and production of generic modifications didn’t solve the core problem – a limited access to medications. This is explained by the fact that the market […]

Generic Cialis: Do We Need Another Generic Viagra?

In the pantheon of globally known brand names, Viagra is in the top list, along with Rolls-Royce and Coca-Cola. In terms of customer feedback, however, Generic Viagra (active component: sildenafil) comes in a distant second to Cialis (active component: tadalafil). We’ve discovered 12 separate studies, and none of them has been sponsored by any drug company, in […]

Too Old for Sex. When Is the Time to Stop?

When to stop having sex? This is an intriguing and significant question. It goes without saying, that it will be discussed for many a time and with great passion. To tell the truth, it is difficult to give a certain answer. There should be taken into account multiple factors. 60 or 70? Maybe soon after […]

Top 2016 Erectile Dysfunction Drugs That Really Work by My Canadian Pharmacy

Successfully treating erectile dysfunction can be tricky, since the bodies of different people respond to medications in various ways. Sometimes, it is necessary to try multiple ED drugs to find the one that works best. However, they are generally quite expensive, and every failed attempt is likely to become a negative experience that could add […]

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