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Why Choose My Canadian Pharmacy Mall Services

Why Choose

My Canadian Pharmacy Mall is a convenient online drug store and a specialized reference system of computer search of rare and popular medications. With the help of our service you may buy beauty and health products as well as medications at reasonable prices. We work 24/7, therefore our customers have the possibility to specify the list of the products with particular active substance, compare prices, check availability of medications at stock, and have them delivered at home at any time of day. The night service of My Canadian Pharmacy functions like clockwork.

User-friendly search and compare system allows finding a necessary commercial name, discovering its rating, examining its price and prescription requirements in a matter of seconds. If a medication needs to be delivered urgently, you may use express delivery service which ensures the delivery very fast (at night time as well).

Online pharmacy has its own warehouse which is a guarantee of synthetic and homeopathic medications storage in accordance with all established by manufacturers requirements and norms. Once you’ve made an order at My Canadian Pharmacy, you may forget about exhausting search for medicines at the local drug stores when you feel sick or just do not want to go out. Our carriers will become your reliable assistants.

Online Choice of Inexpensive Remedies for Health, Hygiene, and Beauty

Nowadays we have a wide range of not only medications, but also of other medical supplies. We suggest becoming familiar with a large variety of products for self-care, beauty support and health promotion of VIP and economy classes. If promo code is available, you may get a big discount.

My Canadian Pharmacy Quality Assurance

Product quality is one of the main indicators of company’s work. And the quality of medicines is one of the most important criteria which the consumer is guided by while purchasing one or another product. We are working with only accredited and the most major suppliers and manufacturers of medications and cosmetic products. All goods are double tested against a waybill. Therefore, My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees quality of each package in stock. Our customers become used to rely on us, and we usually justify their confidence.

Confidentiality Guarantee

From the very beginning we understand that you entrust us with your private information. This is not only delivery address, but also the problems that you have come across, since the diagnose and disease are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. We never disclose your personal information to anyone. All your goods are vacuum-packed in opaque bags, and the carrier is not aware of what he transports.

My Canadian Pharmacy Warehouse

Our warehouse is very large. Here we store all products from the catalogue in accordance with storage requirements.  Storage complies with the holding conditions, we look to package integrity and correct transportation. You may study the list of documents regularizing our work. In order to meet the requirements of modern efficiency and safety standards, we created an effective management and quality control system.

Wide Selection

You do not have to look for necessary medication in all local drug stores. There is no need to put yourself at risk of catching another disease. No need to spoil your mood while standing in a checkout line. You have a big variety of medications and health products twenty-four seven. Just visit our website, choose what you want and buy it. After you place the order our managers will contact you and agree upon the delivery details. We value your time!

Custom Order

We have a wide range of products. But in case the required medication is not available at stock, our consultants will select its analogue or order it directly from our supplier especially for you. So, no need to seek for it all over the town. In My Canadian Pharmacy, you can buy even the rarest medication which is in short supply in off-line drug stores.

Price Policy

Our mission lies in satisfaction of any person who needs medicines. It means we have the most beneficial quality-to-price ratio. The drug is prescribed by a doctor whereas manufacturer and distributor are responsible for its quality. Therefore, we do our best to achieve the level when the proportion is the most profitable. Our consultants will always help you find a way to save your money without compromising on quality of your treatment.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Bonuses and Discounts

Accumulation of bonuses and additional discounts (privileges of our regular customers) make the recurrent visits to us advantageous. Moreover, if you store up the bonuses for your orders including delivery to various addresses, you will be able to use them for next purchases. You may find the details of our Bonus Program in this news:

My Canadian Pharmacy Specials on Goods

We constantly conduct promotion actions for our customers. They may involve either single goods or the whole brands and classes of goods. Actions mean not only reduced price, but also the right set of products which will be helpful to you individually if required. Our recommendations on medicine chest are irreplaceable under any circumstances.

Convenient Payment Methods

You may pay your purchase in cash after receiving the order and we won’t forget to take the indicated change with us at that. You are also able to pay by bank card. If you want to pay via bank transfer, we’ll issue an invoice for you and complement the order with essential documentation for accountancy purposes.

Convenient Delivery

No way you are going to drag yourself outside – it’s raining cats and dogs, or there’s severe frost, or heat and sultriness in the urban transport. We’ll settle it for you. Everything you choose on our virtual storefronts will be delivered via the most convenient way for you.

Cold Chain

Some kinds of goods have strict storage and transportation temperature requirements. Our carriers meet all peculiarities of this regime so the cold chain is not disturbed. We deliver these orders in special cool boxes, and you may rest assured that the storage requirements of these medicines are not violated.

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