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Security & Confidentiality Of Your My Canadian Pharmacy Mall Experience

Information Security

My Canadian Pharmacy Mall uses cutting-edge technologies, such as TLS (Transport Layer Security) and database encryption in order to protect your confidentiality and personal profile. When a customer buys online, our advanced technologies allow using security protocols to send his data to us which makes capturing of information impossible. For additional protection of your data we use modern server appliances limiting access of our employees to your information. Each time when we forward your info to third-party service providers in accordance with our privacy policy, we use technologic and contractual guarantees in order to keep your data safe.

Notwithstanding the fact that our company does its best to protect this information, we cannot guarantee you an improbability of unauthorized access to any kind of information reported by you.

Changes notification by My Canadian Pharmacy Mall


My Canadian Pharmacy online retains the right to make any changes in Privacy Policy without additional notification of customers. New regulations become effective on the date of their posting on the site. Users can trace all changes in Privacy Policy of our online shop on their own.


My Canadian Pharmacy Mall respects your privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. This notification will help you understand better, exactly what kind of information is collected and which way it is used. In case you have questions in regards to this Privacy Policy, you should contact our support team via e-mail.

While placing online order on our website, it is important to provide financial and addressing information. Contact information in order form (such as e-mail, full name, delivery address, and phone number) is necessary for our managers to contact you on the phone if required, and for postal delivery services – to deliver the ordered products at your place in due time. If you decide to create a user account in our online pharmacy, the data will be stored in our protected database altogether with another kind of information concerning your account.

Like many websites, My Canadian Pharmacy uses cookies with the help of which our site is adjusted to work personally with you remembering recently reviewed items. In particular, the work with purchase baskets would be impossible without this technology. Cookies of our website don’t collect any personal user-identifying information, but allow improving your experience on our resource.

Which Way Do We Use Your Information?

  • Orders processing and client service.

Upon placing your order, your contact information including your e-mail address will be used for further contact with you in case our administrator has questions concerning your order or information concerning the changes in status of the order. Information about your credit cards is not stored in our database. The input of your credit cards numbers is made not on our site, but via special payment systems by means of security protocol SSL that guarantees maximal confidentiality and safety.

  • The third-party service providers.

My Canadian Pharmacy works closely with other companies for provision and improvement of services rendered. For instance, we use software Google Analytics for anonymous estimation of how our site is used by people all over the world. Also, some processes of e-commerce may be managed by third-party service providers which have no relevance to our online pharmacy, but connected directly with our business functioning. It may be either payment acceptance and payments processing or order delivery by post services. These services may have access to your private data within confidential framework only to the extent required for performing their functions. Under no circumstance, we allow these services to use your personal records for whatever reason except for the reasons of providing specific services for you. If your purchases were sent to you to date, delivery information will be available to service providers. We ask our providers from delivery service not to use your private information for other purposes except for delivery performance.

  • Promo offers

From time to time we may use your e-mail or postal address for sending our promo offers, promotion actions, new services which in our opinion may be of interest to you. You can always reject our periodical newsletters by using relevant settings in your user account on pharmacy website.

  • Other information provided by you

Information that you give us for certain offers, promotion actions or services is used only for those purposes this information is given.

What Personal Information You Can Change or Delete

If you are a registered user of our online pharmacy, you may enter your personal account in order to look/change or delete information about your postal or billing address, preferred method of payments and delivery, and manage your newsletters and subscriptions as well.

Personal Information Control by My Canadian Pharmacy

We use a verification method for your personal data control which is responsible for consequences caused by misleading information. With the course of time some personal records about a customer may change. In this case a customer has to provide renewed information by replacing his data in his user account or use the support tickets in order to ask our managers to amend the information.

Communications Support

After placing the order, a customer receives an e-mail message with the order confirmation. If a customer doesn’t want to receive these messages, all he has to do is to contact our support team for this problem resolving.

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