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Contact Us – My Canadian Pharmacy Mall`s Support Details

We’ve tried to create the most detailed FAQ section. Still, there can be issues not covered in it. To resolve any Contact Us page is at your total disposal.

Contact us via an online ticket form if you have some difficulties connected with your package delivery. Do that if you need some information concerning the medication ordered or would like to get free consultation from one of our highly qualified and licensed specialists. Do not wait if you have some difficulties with finding the necessary product or ordering meds. Feel free to ask if you can get some special offer. And never forget to let us know if you’d like to share your ideas, propositions and suggestions that can add to the system that we’ll never refuse to improve.

Leave a message using our customer support ticket form so that we could get in touch with you within the shortest time frame. Generally, usually it takes around 1-2 working days to fully answer your e-mail. However, we would appreciate that greatly if you did not take it personally when the answer to your question is a bit delayed a bit; usually, this means that more time is required for dealing with the issue. Please specify what exactly requires attention as much as possible. This will work for better timing.

My Canadian Pharmacy Support Mail: [email protected]

My Canadian Pharmacy Mall Support Team:

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