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No Morning Wood – No Erection During Sex. Is That True?

Nowadays, men give much heed to their erection abilities. There is a poor and hazardous tendency, which only increases. Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and their number greatly grows from one year to another one. Erectile dysfunction is violated erection, when men cannot hold it for enough time or cannot experience it at all. It can be induced by either physical or psychological reasons.

The physicians say that every man lives through misfortunes during sexual intercourse and may not achieve the needed erection. This may happen 1-3 times. This is not a signal for panic. It is a common situation and you should not worry about it. Nevertheless, when such misfortunes are frequent, you have to turn for professional consultation to a specialist.

It is also very important to determine the time when your troubles started happening. Some men ignore the crucial moment and afterwards, face utterly serious consequences of their carelessness. One of the most burning questions is whether the lack of “morning wood” is the sign of erectile dysfunctions or not. This is an essential point and scholars conduct various tests to find out the true facts.Man in bed

What Is Morning Wood?

Morning wood is a slang and it means erections early in the morning. This is a common situation for all men. This is a true sign that man’s erection is healthy and everything functions properly.

It is known that erections take place thanks to natural desire of men. It involves both psychological and physical aspects. They cannot act separately. In occasion, everything is fine on the psychological level there may be problems of physical character and vice versa.

Erections happen consciously, but also may take place when a man does not understands that. In this case, when we are dealing with sleep stage. It is also known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. When we sleep, we are almost unaware of what happens with our body and mind. During this necessary process, our nervous system takes control. Mainly, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are responsible for our state while this period.

These systems so to speak testify our organism. The nerves of the parasympathetic system involve the tissues that are responsible for blood streaming. It gives powerful inflows to the pelvic organs and provokes erection. This can be found even by the infants. The teenagers and adult men awake in the mornings with erection very frequently. Actually, they should happen every morning. Under condition they do not occur, one can start thinking about definite problems.

What Does the Absence of Morning Erection Mean?

It is necessary to find out the reason the morning erection did not come.

Young boys whose sexual organs and organism in general are only growing and developing are not capable to have constant morning erections. This is a simple biological process, which carries no danger and deviations from the norm. The frequency will increase in the periods of puberty and adult life.

In occasion, a man wakes after REM sleep, he will wake up without erection. He simply misses that phase due to longer slumber. Nevertheless, if waking without erections too often, one should suspect troubles with erectile functions. This may lead to erectile dysfunction.

However, when undertaking measures, one should take into account mental factor. As it has been already mentioned, our nervous systems plays the most essential part in the achieving of erections. A man has to reflect his emotional state. Many external factors influence the ability for having healthy erection. Serious deviations in behavior, such as depression, stress situations, anxiety and other disorders may be the reasons for the absence of erection. In this occasion, erection may be missing the entire day. Therefore, you have to consults a psychologist and sexologist.

In occasion of physiological reasons, they are commonly associated with inability to support the organ with sufficient amounts of blood. Consequently, the main problem lies in inappropriate functioning of blood vessels. The walls of blood vessels may become to tense and would not let enough amounts of blood. In such cases, one should undertake proper measurements to relax them. At times, physiological inability for erection are induced by some inflammations or different diseases. Under such conditions, no man would experience morning wood. This problem must be cured.


As we can see, morning wood is a true sign of strong health of men. In occasion, it does not come men receive first warning that something is wrong. Thanks to this, erectile dysfunction can be treated soon after it has begun.

Viagra, Cialis & LevitraThe psychological problems should be treated by special medications that regulate the natural balance of neurotransmitters. They are capable to calm down nerve tension and comfort our nerve system. In addition, such men will require the help of a psychologist.

In case, your problems are of physiological character, you will require either surgery, or implementation of specific cures that contain PDE5 inhibitors. Surgery is the last what you would need and people undergo it only when there is no other alternative.

Such preparations as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra and similar ones are the best way out of such unpleasant situation. PDE5 inhibitor possess incredible properties and are capable to resolve difficulties with gaining strong and lasting erection. They relax the muscles of blood vessels’ walls and provide pelvic organs with powerful blood inflow. Thus, it is possible to achieve erection. You only have to remember that erection will not come after simple administration of such cure. There is a need in natural arousal.

Using one of these ED cures, you will be capable to regain your male power. They are safe, dependable and efficacious. Your erection will be firm and long. The ability to experience morning wood will return as well. Do not forget to ask a specialist concerning safe terms of usage.

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