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Get to Know My Canadian Pharmacy Mall’s Team

Dear visitor, thank you for dropping in to My Canadian Pharmacy Mall We’ll make it sure that you will find what you need, at the price that will please you, and enjoy a really good purchase on the whole. But before that let us tell you who we are – guys behind the logo.

Our Services

In general, we represent an approved and accredited international pharmacy service working in the industry for some time already. In particular, we are a team of experienced and highly committed professionals steadily and consistently working on the market known for its stringent requirements. And all in one we are the brand regarded, acknowledged and appreciated worldwide. If you ask how we have managed to achieve that, we’ll answer your question this way:

• Deep contentment of our customers with safe, quality and effective medications obtained at low prices has always been something to strive for and guarantee.

• Backing safe and secure shopping for such medications has become the second task undertaken; to succeed in that we exert ourselves every single minute.

• The latest information concerning the best online pharmacies’ offers given in detail and on time is the practice our service is appreciated for web wide.

• Direct, practical and real assistance in establishing the concept of affordable quality represented in each and every medication dispensed is our major work.

In other words, these are the principles we’ve established once, have been applying every day and will hardly ever refuse to follow in the future.

How Everything Started

More than 20 years ago we started as a health and care retail chain based in Toronto, Canada; quite an ambitious decision as even back then the market we’d decided to conquer was one of the most challenging. Year after year we’d been growing and expanding when finally realized that without our presence on the Internet we’d never be able to reach the next level, the level that went hand in hand with progress. That was when we exerted all our efforts towards transforming the original idea, which was eventually expressed in the service now known as My Canadian Pharmacy.

The project launched by the team of dedicated professionals has resulted in real success. Since opening our virtual doors to everybody more than a decade ago, owing to great work done, we’ve created a solid base of customers, the greatest majority of which are now our regular clients. Thanks to the nature of the Internet, we’ve managed to convey our vision of contemporary drug dispensing/purchasing to lots and loads of people from all over the world: you can buy safe and quality medications at reasonable prices, and we, being a part of this system, can provide and guarantee that.

Specifying the Role of My Canadian Pharmacy Today

When starting our online project, we did have a rather clear idea of what dealing with MyCanadianPharmacyMall.Com should be, so that it could be rewarding in all senses. However, the entire concept was developed and introduced within the first year. Nowadays, the system comprised of a variety of aspects looks and works this way:

1. With prices for medications constantly on the rise, we work as the source that wants to make it easier for each and every customer to decide where to buy quality and affordable medications

2. Thus, you, our wise and sensible customer, look for safe, quality and affordable meds on the Internet and we, a reliable online pharmacy service, help you with that task

3. It doesn’t matter if you need such a simple eye care drug as Lumigan or more serious cancer medication like Arimidex; there is no medication we could fail to get for you

4. Should you require relevant and understandable information concerning some specific medication and therapy with it, you can ask our highly qualified pharmacy technicians

5. Likewise, if you need to resolve any issue, whatever it may concern, our considerate and respectful customer support consultants will take care of it within the shortest time frame

6. Last but not the least, we can assure you that all the medications ordered are delivered in sealed, discreet, tamper-proof packaging; that’s the rule each and every regarded pharmacy sticks to.

Principles We Strictly Follow

More important than the system established and applied can be only the principles which it is based on. Thus, so that you could better understand exactly what assures smooth and effective functioning of the entire mechanism, look through the principles we strictly follow:

• Each and every constituent of the network we’ve managed to create has been approved and selected for its firm commitment to both the services provided and reasonable prices offered.

All medications available are dispensed by highly regarded international fulfillment centers. Each and every of those is approved by the regulatory body from its particular country.

All drugs dispensed are high quality medications manufactured by accredited companies solely. If you know what ISO 9001:2000 standards mean, you know what the talk is about.

Anonymity, confidentiality, security of payment and personal data protection are a must around which all other services provided are formed. If we couldn’t guarantee that, we wouldn’t be there for you.

We do understand that in overall responsible drug retailing each component must perform faithfully and competently. What concerns us, we’ve made all our efforts.

Tomorrow of My Canadian Pharmacy in Cyberspace

On the one hand, we do appreciate that customers find this resource reliable and trustworthy. On the other, we are glad that the idea implemented does work. Any reliable online drugstore is created as the place where each and every customer regardless of his/her budget can obtain safe and high quality medications without getting into financial strain. We, at My Canadian Pharmacy Mall, are absolutely delighted to be a part of this campaign against high retail prices.

Best Regards, My Canadian Pharmacy Mall Team:

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