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Privacy Policy As Your Online Integrity Warrant


After referring to the information concerning our privacy policy, you will take into consideration the principles of collecting, providing, processing and storing of the data related to My Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

This website is created for information purposes only and is not a guide for action! To obtain individual treatment course and prescribing information for medical use, you have to look for your attending doctor’s consultation!

The main theses of the Privacy Policy are as follows:

  1. We shall never abuse your personal information.
  2. We shall never disclose your personal information or contacts data to third parties except as otherwise provided by law.
  3. We shall not send e-mails to you without your verified opting-in except as business data of the last importance.
  4. We shall provide you with possibility to refuse our e-mail campaign easily and quickly on your first demand

 My Canadian Pharmacy Privacy Statement

One of the main principles of our company’s work lies in maximal security of any personal information of partners and/or customers. Thus, privacy policy is a framework based on which we shall not disclose your personal data you provided for us during the time of portal visit.

The condition of strict privacy adherence refers to any data which we receive from portal visitors and which are theoretically correlated to a specific personality. This condition is equitable in regards to our partners concluding legally binding relation with us as well.

Receiving and Processing of Personal Data

Personal data mean information which by some means or other is indicative of your personality. It may be represented either by name and second name or postal or e-mail address, etc. Our company shall never require your personal data except as in cases when it is essential for our cooperation, for instance while online registration, services or software products activation, ordering or newsletters emailing. Bring to notice that data collection shall be made even when you are a visitor of our website and haven’t undergone the registration procedure.

Your personal information collected during usage of the website functionality includes:

  • Your full name;
  • Email address;
  • Cell phone number.

Application and Publishing of Personal Information

We apply your personal data collected exclusively for technical problem solving, for instance for giving you possibility to use special sections or contact you. Our company shall never disclose your personal information to third parties. This agreement is binding for all our employees.

All your personal data collected by our website belong exclusively to you.

Nevertheless, when providing your personal information for us, you consent to use it for legitimate aims, for example unrestrictedly:

  • while ordering on site;
  • while giving your personal data to third parties in case of placing orders of goods or services provided by them via our network resource;
  • while effectuating marketing activities by means of emailing, contextual banners, pop-up windows, etc.;
  • while execution control of “User Agreement”;
  • while opting-in or out;
  • for optimization of functionality and portal’s content;
  • while carrying out of feedback.

Data Collected Automatically

While visiting My Canadian Pharmacy, some non-personal information is recorded automatically.

It includes:

  • browser-program identifier;
  • IP address;
  • operating system type;
  • domain information of Internet access provider;
  • list of visited pages;
  • products viewed by you in a catalogue;
  • rate of visiting frequency of our website;
  • average time of site reviewing.

The aim of such data collection lies in statistics obtaining which allows optimizing website functionality as well as improving and enlarging its content. It also provides personalization of your activity on the site, for example by means of cookies. Cookies represent small files which are recorded on hard disk of your PC and stored for some time there. By means of cookies our website will be able to recognize you in case of further visit, to provide all installations required and to take into account all your preferences. All these data as well as confidential ones shall not be given to anyone else. The company also notifies its users that it conducts statistics by means of summary information about users and can apply it for any purpose which is not prohibited by law. Summary information represents generalized data about users without individual features, i.e. united in groups on these or those characteristics.

 Security with My Canadian Pharmacy Mall

We make every effort to guarantee the effective security of your personal information. Your data are accurately protected from being lost or deleted, from inputting any changes and from any risks of unauthorized access and usage or distribution. My Canadian Pharmacy shall use its best efforts to achieve this and improve data protection systems by means of up-to-date technologies and software utilities.

Anyway, you should understand that neither of data sharing methods can guarantee you an absolute protection of information. Besides, you should remember that in the end the whole responsibility for your personal confidentiality and any other confidential information is placed on you. This is you who controls the extent of the information you provide us with by using our website.

With this in view, our company highly recommends not giving your password to anyone on no account whatever. In case you forgot your password – contact our technical support team. Then you will have to present a personal identification document and only afterwards you will be sent a letter for password changing.

Usage of Website by Persons of under Age

We strongly recommend parents and liable persons to explain to their children in ward about placing their confidential information on the Internet and describe all risks of such actions. Our company shall not collect personal profiles of under-ages, keep or use them and forward to anyone without consent of parents or foster parents deliberately. Besides, we do not recommend those who are under age to indicate any confidential information on our portal without control of parents or foster parents.


If you have any questions concerning information policy of our website, protection of the data stored here or usage of your personal records, you are always welcome to contact us on the phone or send your inquiry to our support team. We’ll provide you with a detailed response in accordance with all legal requirements containing a full report on how your personal information (collected while using our website) was applied.

Introduction of Modifications

In case of changes in technologies of privacy policy on our website, their full list will be posted on the page with no access restrictions.


The sheer fact that you use our portal and receive information from us via e-mail proves your consent with privacy policy posted on this page. The company shall have the right to perform any modifications, additions or vice versa reductions of privacy policy conducted according to personal decision. These changes are considered to be valid from the moment of their posting on the website. For this reason we recommend you visiting periodically this page in order to find out all possible upgrades. If you continue using services of our portal or receiving newsletters from us via e-mail after announcing the changes in privacy policy, this shall mean your automatic consent with all modifications performed.

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