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My Canadian Pharmacy: 16 Myths About Generic Drugs

Generic DrugsPharmaceutical market is very dynamic and spacious; thus, along with sales of IT technologies and hydrocarbons, it is one of the most money-making sectors of the global economy. Also, it has a huge number of interested structures from pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers united in corporations on out to private pharmacies and pharmaceutical network.

So, it goes without saying that there is a large competition on the market: producers claim that their products are more effective, whereas pharmaceutical networks compete in prices and promotions.

To some degree, generics fall out of this fine-tuned system. When it comes to generics for impotency (such as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra), they are not welcome for everybody apart from final consumer, of course. First of all, Elly Lilly, Bayer and American Company incur colossal losses with the presence of cheap and efficient generic. But to tell the truth, these losses are factored in price for the branded medication.

My Canadian Pharmacy gives you a heads up on the winning trifecta of ED Drugs and learn about their pros and cons in the following instructions:

Second, extra charges of wholesale dealers, profiteers and warehousing centers depend on medicine’s price; therefore, work with generics (and other cheap goods) is not profitable for them. And third, pharmacies have no gain from selling cheap products, since they are gradually replaced by well-advertised specialties with higher cost.

11 Myths About Generics: Let’s Take A Reality Check

Generic is a medicinal product acquiring its determination as an analogue of a branded drug with identical composition, quality, efficiency, safety, dosage, etc. The only difference between generics and branded medicines is their price and structure. Generic is identified according to chemical name. As soon as the term of patent or other exclusive right for the drug sales expires, other producers or initial developers can manufacture bioequivalent medicinal products of patented remedy and get the possibility to access the market. Nevertheless, there are a lot of myths about generics and facts that refute them.

Myth 1. There is a myth that generics do not have the same efficiency as the original.

The fact is that in order to obtain approval for production of generic on the territory of one or another country, it is essential that this generic is completely bioequivalent in regards to branded product. It means that non-patented remedy must contain the same active components as private label product.

Myth 2. According to another myth, there is a law allowing ignoring requirements of safety and effectiveness of generics, while patented drugs meet these requirements.

Generics manufacturers are obliged to perform their own research studies to confirm that active components in their products are safe and efficient. Although patented medications were checked exactly because generics manufacturer had no necessity to conduct another testing of their products. But still, generics have to be tested in order to confirm their efficiency.

Myth 3. There is a myth that generic drugs are not so strong as the originals.

The truth is that producers of medicinal products must guarantee that their goods have the same quality and perfection as branded medication.

Myth 4. Myth: non-patented remedies start their action in organism much slower than the original drugs.

The truth is that in order to get the approval for generics overturn, it is obligatory to get the confirmation that the drugs do not differ from the original drug in accordance with elimination half-life, i.e. the rate of achievement and preservation of a certain concentration of active component in blood. In other words, generics must have the same quality, effectiveness and perfection as the brand-name medicine.

Myth 5. According to the nest myth, non-patented medications are produced by less reliable manufacturers; therefore, generics are cheaper than branded meds.

The truth is that many generics are produced by the same companies that manufacture the original drugs. The production process of all medications is strictly regulated. Absolutely all manufacturers have to follow similar standards.

Myth 6. Non-patented remedies are not as safe as the original medications, reads another myth.

Generics contain the same active substances as the branded analogies which have identical action in organism. Non-patented remedies are as safe and effective as their brand-name equivalents.

Myth 7. Myth: manufacturers of patented medication check the new production on thousands of patients, whereas generics producers conduct their research studies with participation of twenty-thirty healthy volunteers.

The truth is that generics are accurate copies of branded goods which have been already tested. Thus, there is no need to check the same products on thousands of patients. Generics producers must only prove that generic drug acts as fast and effectively in human organism as the original version of the remedy.

Myth 8. According to this myth, manufacturers of generic drugs must only confirm that active substances in their products get to human blood. This doesn’t mean that they are used the same way in organism.

The fact is that when one and the same quantity of generic’s active components get into human blood in the same norm as in branded remedy, there is no scientific reason to suggest that the effects of both medications will differ.

Myth 9. The next myth tells that most drugs are tested on sound young volunteers, but it is well known that 25% of prescription drugs are taken by elderly men whose organism is affected differently by medicinal products.

Regardless of the fact that elderly people take medications constantly, and impact of administered drugs on aged organism is of different degrees than on young organism, there is no scientifically based proofs that medications is different organisms will fulfill their assignment differently. Moreover, it is unfair towards aged people to make weak and unhealthy patients undergo medicinal tests or experience other uncomfortable situations during tests conduction for bioequivalence of remedies. Also, such patients cannot participate in such research studies, since elderly people in fact always take other medicinal products.

Myth 10. According to another myth, branded medications are produced by means of advance factory facilities, whereas non-patented drugs are made by means of outdated equipment. That is why generics are of worse quality.

In fact, bodies responsible for products quality won’t admit the manufacture of drugs on faulty equipment. Companies producing generics have modern plants which are comparable with those manufacturing brand-name medications.

Myth 11. This myth reads that generics give more side-effects than patented remedies.

The truth is that any side-effects caused by generic drugs are similar to those which are present in branded equivalents.

All in all, the most important fact about generics is that they are absolutely bioequivalent towards branded medicines in regards to safety, quality and medicinal form. They may be used and rest assured in their credibility and high performance. Moreover, generic drugs are cheaper than branded medications.

5 Myths about Generic Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction

ed drugs

Many men purchase expensive drugs while experiencing the first symptoms of sexual desire weakening or noticeable reduction of time of sexual intercourse. It is noteworthy that in the majority of cases, positive effect takes place, but financial state and fast addition also occur. Thus, generics are very helpful in this case. ED generics have their own myths. My Canadian pharmacy experts will explode them all:

Myth 12. ED generics are suitable only for men above 45.

The truth is that activation of sexual function occurs due to enhancement of blood supply and cerebrum stimulation. Thus, age factor is not crucial in this regard.

Myth 13. Cheap is not effective

Affordable price is achieved due to usage of open license, optimization of expenses on marketing and advertisement, absence of branded well-advertised name and smart package.

Myth 14. During the intake of ED generic drugs, it is prohibited to drink alcohol.

A glass of red wine or 50g of cognac are admissible during administration of such generics. Both alcohol and decay product of pills are cleared with urine.

Myth 15. A man stops feeling his body.

This is a big delusion, since after the intake of ED generic drug, all sensitive zones become more active. A man feels his sexual organs and wants to give maximum pleasure to his partner. Average indicator of coitus prolongation is 15-20 minutes.

Myth 16. Generic builds up tolerability

ED generics help to cope with acute, but not chronic disorders; therefore, they are fast cleared from organism and do not cause addition at any age.

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