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Levitra and Concomitant Use of Riociguat

When mixing any other medications while on any PDE5 inhibitor, it leads to health complications and adverse body reactions that can’t be treated with regular over-the-counter meds. And though Levitra is the safest of the ED meds, its combination with riociguat has two sides: the first one triggers health issues when doses aren’t adjusted and […]

Statins, Viagra and Sexual Function

Connection between medication for cholesterol and erection was examined by American researches. They checked the influence of tablets for decrease of cholesterol level on male sexual health. It was approved that they do not only have adverse impact on erectile functioning, but even improve its work. As of today, statins are considered to be the […]

Viagra (Sildenafil): Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction, Hello to Eyesight Problems? The Rumored Viagra Side Effect Busted

There is a little truth in every rumor. When the first reports of blurred and reduced vision appeared, many men, who were taking Viagra, had been concerned. After that, there were many denials based on the clinical trials from the Viagra maker American Company. But, after more than 10 year, the Web is still chewing […]

Testicular Pain and 10 Causes Lying Beneath It

Testicles are one of the most sensitive organs in male body, so it’s very important not to ignore even minor pain. The reasons of unpleasant sensations can be more serious than you think, starting from a cyst and finishing by varicose veins. Find out what the ten common causes of testicle pain are, and how […]

Levitra Side Effects That Virtually Do Not Exist: The Lowest Adversity Profile PDE5

Levitra is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Men who face this disorder have problems with getting or keeping the erection. Erection occurs when the penis hardens under the influence of the blood flow. Vardenafil hydrochloride, the active substance of the medication, helps to relax the blood vessels and increases the blood flow that leads to […]

Viagra Cream With No Side Effects: Is It In The Pipeline?

There is a wide range of creams-erection stimulants. As a rule, they may be referred to remedies of the first aid. They are useful when you have no possibility or have counter-indications to other ED treating medications. Creams, gels and sprays are divided into two categories: Medications vasodilating penis cavernous bodies promoting blood flow and […]

Cheap Viagra from Fake Online Pharmacies and Quality Offers from My Canadian Pharmacy

If there is one fact when it comes to drugs, it’s that no one enjoys spending money on them. Depending on the ingredients, how popular the drug is, and other additional factors, medications can definitely be expensive. When it comes to the ED drugs, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on them as […]

Can Levitra (Vardenafil) Provoke Serious Heartburn?

Heartburn is among the most common side effects of taking pills, especially when a person already has some gastroenterological problems. When it comes to Levitra, the majority of patients do not experience any problems when taking this drug as recommended. At the same time, there are some patients that may occasionally experience heartburn, but it […]

Can VPXL Enlarge Penis?

The same way as women are worried about the size of their breasts, men are concerned about the size of their male organ. Women can enlarge their breasts by undergoing surgery but what men should do if they are dissatisfied with the size of their penis? Let’s look at various modern means that can help […]

Penisole Vs. Penis Growth Oil: Efficacy Compared

Sexual performance is an important component of a romantic relationship for every man. The desire to satisfy one’s sexual partner makes a lot of men wonder whether they could possibly do better if their penis was just a little bigger. Some of them go further than just wondering and reading stuff online, and actually try […]

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