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When ED Treatment Is Fun. Behold Kamagra Polo at My Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Kamagra is a way more affordable generic alternative to Pfizer’s Viagra. The preparation is based on the identical active ingredient – sildenafil citrate. The unsurpassed effect of the drug is explained by a relatively large quantity of active ingredient in the drug’s composition – 100mg. Kamagra

Kamagra is an offbeat way to get rid of ED issues – a fresh, juicy mix of flavours and an unconventional shape of Kamagra Polo make it stand out of the crowd. The chewable pills make the process of administration quick, easy and fun.

Importantly, given the delicacy of ED issues, the drug’s shape is not associated with medical procedures (and yes, the drug can be consumed with no water). Although the most crucial advantage of Kamagra Polo lies in a speedy action. The reason for such impressive performance results lies in the absorption of active substance in the blood occurs in the mouth where a large amount of blood capillaries. Selfsame, it rapidly enters the bloodstream and is not impacted by digestive juices, therefore its effectiveness remains unchanged.

The preparation is prescribed to adult men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The drug can be used for prophylactic purposes or in order to improve the quality of coitus as well, but in this case it is used in small dosages.

How it works

So erectile dysfunction issues are largely provoked by a decrease in the blood flow to the male organs. The reasons behind such reaction of the body are many: from physiological problems to psychological aspects. Kamagra provides a physiological action, selectively impacting the body (PDE5 ferments) and having a positive effect on the blood flow, thus allowing millions of males enjoy the full life. The medication represents a true to the type vasodilator that enhances the release/production of nitric oxide, the substance responsible for smoothing the muscles in penis. Upon restoration of blood supply, the sufficient degree of erection hardness achieved.

The preparation deals with a wide range of issues, regardless of their nature. Thus, the drug demonstrates nice results as for fatigue and premature ejaculation elimination, quicker sexual desire recovery, stronger erections, prolonged sexual intercourse time and many more.

The Kamagra Polo demonstrates a relatively quick onset of action. While the conventional PDE5 drugs provide the desired effect within 40 minutes on average, Kamagra Polo is an exception. The digestion starts in the oral cavity almost instantly, which allows cutting down the reaction time to approximately 20 minutes.

Dosage & Administration

Kamagra Polo comes in a handy form of chewable tablets that can be taken with no water. The medication is advised to be consumed at least 20 minutes prior to the anticipated sexual intercourse. The effect of the preparation lasts for 4-5 hours, while the daily dosage must not exceed 100mg (or 1 tablet). In case of excessive effect, the tablet can be halved or quartered. Just like the original parent drug, Viagra, it is nor recommended to take the preparation with fatty foods or alcohol in order not to cause a delay in the onset of action.

Kamagra vs Viagra

Kamagra Polo is a generic alternative to a costly Pfizer preparation. It is based on the identical active ingredient, but manufactured by an Indian-based Ajanta Pharma, the company established in 1973, focused on generic modification drugs production. The manufacturing facilities are monitored and regularly inspected by FDA representatives; so if any violations are reported of, the company risks to have its license ceased (thus, the quality of the processes is maintained at an unprecedentedly high levels).

Side effects

An overwhelming majority of patients never collide with significant side effects if the administration guidelines are met. Nevertheless, such negative effects as headaches, nausea, itching, etc. are possible, but observed in less than 5% of males. These side effects have a short-term nature and pass away within a couple of hours. More severe side effects may manifest in 1% of case; this is where you should immediately seek for medical attention.

Overdose can cause pronounced side effects. You should seek for medical attention immediately in case of severe side effects to hold a therapy aimed at the removal and elimination of any toxic symptoms of adverse reactions. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 100mg per day to reduce the risk of side effects.


Kamagra Polo should not be applied in case of allergic reaction to sildenafil. It should not be taken if you are on nitric oxide donators or containing nitrates drugs course. Such preparations are used (along with other drugs) in certain cases, such as for the treatment of angina. The most widely used drug with nitrate is nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate – these drugs lower the pressure and co-administration may cause significant side effects.

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