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Top 10 Erectile Dysfunction Generics Producers 2017 Ranked By My Canadian Pharmacy

Signed in 1984, Hatch-Waxman Act produced its results upon 30 years. American physicians prescribe around 4bln recipes, 84% of which are generics. Thus, patients and the government save millions of dollars. The more medications lose their patent protection, the more generics occur on the market. When copies of the most demanded medications appeared, the market was seized by the wave of fusions and mergers. One of the first companies which began buying young competitors, was Actavis. It acquired several producers of generics. Generic companies unite their powers in order to enter new markets and put competitive pressure on manufacturers of the original remedies.

In this article, My Canadian Pharmacy service analysts will tell you about the 10 most famous generic companies in the world.

Top 10 ED Generics Producers by 2017A lot of generics companies cooperate with local pharma enterprises which give a boost to local pharmaceutical companies in manufacture, marketing and distribution. But in some countries cooperation with local companies is obligatory. According to the law in South Africa, pharmaceutical company must produce one of 70 vitally important medications in the same region to start selling it. Anyway, generics manufacturers are interested not only in emerging markets. Demand for analogues of the original drugs grows as, for instance, in Japan. According to the state newspaper, generic medications market in Japan will expand by 8%, and by the end of 2017 it will reach 13,3bln U.S. dollars. Spanish government plans to curb expenses on public health service due to generics occurrence. Annual economy may run at 2bln euros in case physicians prescribe their patients analogues of expensive medications. Let us consider the most outstanding producers of generics in 2017.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

This company takes the dominant position in global pharmaceutical segment. It is a leading Israeli manufacturer of generic drugs which was founded in 1901. The enterprise has a hundred-year history and is head-quartered in Israel. It offers high-quality, customer-oriented solutions for millions of people requiring medical treatment. It is noteworthy that Teva and American company managed to agree that generic version of Viagra will appear in the U.S. two years earlier than it should. Teva has acquired preliminary approval of its generic from the American regulator. Nevertheless, the company will start sales in the U.S. only in December, 2017 and pay royalties to American company up to the end of Viagra limitation. Other conditions of agreement are confidential. As of today, Teva sells generic version of Viagra in several European countries where patent term expired in June, 2013. Viagra is one of the most popular American company products. In 2012, sales proceeds reached the record amount of 2bln U.S. dollars. In 2013, American company created special website for Viagra online sale. Teva’s stock is up by 21%, whereas Pfizer’s stock is down by 11%.

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Delta Enterprises

This is an Indian world-popular pharmaceutical company with modern scientific-research and production capacities, experienced and highly qualified establishment, long-term proven record of flawless work, great reputation on pharmaceutical global market and credibility of those countries that take products quality seriously. These characteristics of Delta Enterprises guarantee its high-class performance and absolute security of its goods. It is noteworthy that perfect quality goes together with relatively low cost of the medications. Delta Enterprises produce Lovevitra series including Lovevitra 20mg, Lovevitra 40mg and Extra Super Lovevitra. These are medications on the basis of vardenafil. Also, Delgra 100mg based on sildenafil and Tadalel (tadalafil) are decent analogues of Viagra produced by the holding.

Sunrise Remedies

This is a dynamically developing producer, exporter and supplier of pharmaceutical and herbal medications designed for prolongation of sexual intercourse and issued in the form of tablets and capsules. Besides, this Indian holding is engaged in manufacturing of other medicinal products supplied in many European countries. Nowadays, Sunrise Remedies has high capacity and modern plants with advanced technical equipment. Sunrise remedies issues generics of the following drugs for erectile dysfunction: Malegra, Dapoxetine, Levitra, Cialis, Cialis PRO, Cialis Soft, female Viagra, etc. The company evolves constantly and offers new medicines which strengthen their positions among generics of other producers. For instance, Viagra generic, Malegra (get to know more) appeared on the market in 2010 in three variants. Two of them have a double action and relieve of erectile issues and PE. Some drugs produced by Sunrise Remedies are exact copies of well-known brands but have a more affordable pricing.

Vipro Lifescience

This enterprise dates back already 30 years. In 1987, a holding consisting of sixteen companies was founded. It was named Vipro Lifescience. In particular, this establishment deals with production of generics of Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, and Dapoxetine. The company is an approved by FDA pharmaceutical supplier meeting the requirements of GMP standards. Among its high-performance goods, Vipro Lifescience includes V-Tada Super, Viprogra-100, etc.

Combitic Global

Draw your attention to the producer of Tadala Professional. This is an Indian pharmaceutical company which is known on global market since 1982 and is certified in accordance with ISO and GMP standards. It has representational offices in 175 countries. Combitic Global has a reputable scientific potential which allowed it to improve the formula of original Cialis. As a result, customers of Combitic Global will acquire a perfect remedy solving the problem of erectile issues of any severity degree and genesis, and providing new, more intensive and sensitive feelings during sexual intercourse.


Indian company Cipla supports people’s aspiration to become healthy and have a sound lifestyle. Therefore, main principles of Cipla’s work are affection and care for patients. This enterprise introduces the most progressive methods of treatment which ensure effective work and pleasant repose. This is the main principle of this company which was established in 1935.

Ajanta Pharma Ltd

Ajanta is a renowned pharmaceutical company specializing on production of medicinal products. This enterprise employs more than 3200 people from all over the world, and its production is sold in more than 30 countries. Ajanta includes five manufactories producing the most qualitative pharmaceutical products. This company issues generics and new synergic combinations of medicines for therapeutic purposes in cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology, premature ejaculation, supporting-motor apparatus and respiratory organs.

Fortune Health Care

This Indian pharmaceutical enterprise issues Fildena line of drugs based on sildenafil. This remedy is in the form of gelatinous capsules containing the same active substance as world-popular Viagra. It produces Fildena Super Active, the analogues of which are Cialis Super Active and Viagra Super Active.

Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd

This Indian manufacturer is well-known by its generic Eriacta-100 Sildenafil Citrate Tablets. This enterprise is fitted with the most cutting-edge equipment and has its own laboratories. High quality of Ranbaxy products allows this company to focus on customers from America and Europe.

Dharam Distributors

Dharam is an Indian producer of popular Sildigra-FXT combining two active substances: sildenafil citrate and duloxetine. These ingredients are sought-for due to their high efficiency. Therefore, a lot of manufacturers issue the products belonging to this group under different brand names.

According to data from numerous analytical services, at this time and age customers deposit more and more trust with generics, and due to a recent improvement in quality and reduction in price, they use still wider popularity, especially among Americans, since here brand drugs – Viagra, Cialis and others – are sky-high. This is why My Canadian Pharmacy offers generic drugs at low cost.

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