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Premature ejaculation or Hypersensibility? Let’s look into it together

Premature ejaculation is an inability to control emission of seminal fluid. In this case sexual interrelations do not last long enough – a few seconds or 1-2 minutes. In this situation at least one of the partners is not fully satisfied. Premature ejaculation is a common condition, affecting 30-40% of men at any age. This medical problem is rooted in adolescence and psychologically connected with the very first genital experience: a fear of being caught while masturbating or coupling, over excitement or hormone fluctuations. Men, suffering from this sexual disorder, are sure that they are seriously ill or something of this kind without knowing that in the majority of cases premature ejaculation is caused by hypersensibility of penis balanus.

Hypersensibility as a common reason of premature ejaculation

Hypersensibility as a common reason of premature ejaculation

Hypersensibility of balanus is an acquired (rare inborn) condition which can badly affect the quality of a man’s sexual life. Acquired super sensibility is a complication after some diseases like balanitis or phimosis. Hypersensibility is typical for teenagers as well, when they stand on the cusp of beginning of sexual relationships. The very first sexual experience is characterized by higher excitement resulting in a quick ejaculation. During sexual over-arousal there is hypertension in a certain part of a brain cortex which leads to an unwanted semen emission. Evidently, hypersensibility has a physiological underground and with age this condition is supposed to reduce but often it does not.

Any man is able to determine on his own whether his premature ejaculation is caused by hypersensibility. For this he needs to perform a sexual intercourse using a special lubricant with an anesthetic agent (prolongator) or lidocaine aerosol. These products are sold in drug stores or sex shops at affordable prices and are applied on a penis head several minutes before sex. If positive results are obvious after such a treatment, uncontrollable ejaculation is for sure caused with hypersensibility.

Features of hypersensibility:

  • Duration of sexual intercourse does not vary much;
  • Premature ejaculation is observed during whole sensual life,
  • The repeated sexual actions are not longer than the previous,
  • Sex with a condom or a lubricant turns to be much longer,
  • Semen emission does not come before penetration,
  • Alcohol admission prolongs sexual contact.

How to decrease hypersensibility?

Considering the prevalence rate of hypersensibility as a basic cause of premature ejaculation, the modern medicine found out several effective approaches to prolonging of sexual performance:

  • penile over sensibility is noticeably reduced if a man wears 1-3 condoms at the same time during sex or uses condoms with spermicidal lubricants. Such condoms prevent a total contact with a vagina due to what ejaculation is postponed;
  • a man should learn to delay and recover urination in his own will;
  • regular masturbation is known to decrease hypersensibility and postpone uncontrollable semen emission;
  • genital mutilation (penile micro surgery) reduces hypersensibility of balanus and prolongs sexual contact twofold. Typically, one of four men has a hypersensitive penis head. In order to reduce this sensibility, a part of nerve fibers leading to the head are cut. After this treatment, a penile head starts contacting with undergarment, gets used to it and becomes less sensitive;
  • the pharmaceutical market offers a great deal of sedating medications which cure hypersensibility. Also tranquilizers and antidepressants combat a fear before sex and inferiority complex provided hypersensibility has a psychological ground;
  • if you are not afraid of experiments, you can try one famous folk remedy to reduce hypersensibility: apply some juice of mint leaves on a frenulum of prepuce of penis. Herbal teas with mint, motherwort or marjoram can reduce hypersensibility for a short time.

As a rule, premature ejaculation is provoked with hypersensibility – a medical condition which is successfully treated with special aerosols, gels, drugs or surgery. Often choosing condoms of proper thickness is enough to reduce hypersensibility before sex.

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