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ED Pills Vs. ED Creams: Breaking Down The Unique Features

Erectile dysfunctions are one of the most widely spread health problems among men of all ages, nationalities, professions and all around the globe. The roots of the problem can be different, these can be some psychological problems and physiological as well. Anyway, the result is always the same, weak erection or its full absence. When the first symptoms occur they may spoil and destruct one’s life. Men start feeling useless, fall into a deep depression and stop living a full life.

Fortunately, the pharmaceutical industry had developed some really powerful tools that help to bring back the power of strong erection. The greatest breakthrough in this research field was the creation of Viagra and its further clones and generics. There are also different testosterone boosters that also guarantee high effectiveness. Some real novelty is special creams that have to be applied on the penis and their manufacturers also guarantee the positive results. Such non-classic treating methods like creams are not accepted by the classic medicine, yet there are thousands of positive feedbacks who have used such creams.

In the following article, we will compare classic ED pills with the creams, find out the main differences and peculiarities.

ED Pills vs ED Creams

Classic Viagra: Time Proved Method to Getting Strong Erection

Viagra with its active element Sildenafil was created by the scientists from Pfizer to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. The first researches showed that it is also extremely effective in treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunctions. Such effect is achieved by the ability of Sildenafil to relax the muscles inside the walls of blood vessels inside the penis so that the blood flow could be improved.

Viagra works only symptomatically, it will not help you to treat the reason of your low erection. Besides, it does not increase the libido; you have to be able to become sexually stimulated by your own. The medicine belongs to the class that has to be taken only by a prescription as it has a long list of side effects that may be caused by wrong dosages and self-treatment.

Viagra is very effective, it guarantees up to 6 hours of strong erection. Millions of men around the globe have felt their second youth with these magic blue pills. The minimum dosage starts from 30mg of Sildenafil that has to be before the sexual act. Any changes can be done only under the doctor’s control. The special attention has to be paid to the old-aged patients as they lie under the higher risk of getting side effects concerning problems with the heart. The drug is strictly prohibited to be taken by the patients under eighteen.

Cialis: Another Powerful Source of Man’s Power

This medicine was created by Eli Lilly company together with YCOS corporation. The main active element is Tadalafil. Cialis has much the same method of working as Viagra. It relaxes the blood vessels inside the penis which helps to achieve a fast and strong erection. Tadalafil is also taken to treat the enlarged prostate.

Before starting taking this medicine, one should always consult a doctor. He will help you to determine most effective and less risky dosage concerning side effects.

The minimum dosage of Cialis starts from 5mg once a day. The active element becomes active for 36 hours. The pills have to be taken with or without food.

Side Effects and Precautions

Side effects of drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and their generics are almost the same. They can be divided into two groups: more and less common, yet more severe side effects. In  the first group we can name:

  • headache;
  • muscle pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • sore throat, etc.

The second group of severe side effects requires an immediate medical help, otherwise, they may lead to fatal aftermaths.

  • painful erection;
  • partial or full loss of vision;
  • convulsions;
  • hard breathing;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • passing out.

Your doctor should also study your medical history. ED pills are prohibited for those who have problems with the liver or kidneys. Patients with weak hearts are to start from minimal dosages and stay under control. You should always inform your doctor if you have any alcohol or drug addiction.

When one buys ED pills he should always remember about the storing conditions. The pills have to be kept in a dark, dry place with a mild temperature regime. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting spoiled.

ED Creams as Effective Alternative to Classic Pills

Comparing with pills, ED creams appeared not so long ago, yet they already have a huge army of patients who prefers them instead of the pills. The main advantage of ED creams is the period of the effect coming. It has to be used directly before sexual activity and the effect is achieved in 5 minutes. It is also allowed to use them as a precaution.

The creams usually have a very pleasant smell and play a role of a lubricant. They may improve the length of the penis and prolong the period of a sexual act. The same as pills, creams only give a symptomatic treatment; they do not help to get rid of the reasons of the problem.

How and When to Use

The creams are to be applied locally. The skin has to be washed up and cleaned. Some of them are to be applied only when necessary, before sex, others may require treating courses. Using the ED cream allows having sex with a condom.

The creams are prescribed when:

  • as a part of the complex treating course;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • absence of pleasure during sex;
  • short sexual act.

Perhaps the only precaution is the intolerance to the active elements. The cases with allergic reactions occur very rarely. If your skin is getting red and you feel itching, call the doctor immediately.

Opposed to the pills, creams do not have such strict rules of storing. It is because they are kept in tubes that protect them from light, moisture and inappropriate temperatures. Get sure that children will not be able to find the cream.

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